Custom Thick Paper Hang Tag

Custom hang tags, custom tags, paper tags, custom swing tag, custom clothing hang tags, custom price tags. Hang tags and swing tags are perfect for scrapbooking, clothing and accessories...

Product Details

Custom Thick Paper Hang Tag

Custom Hang Tags are according to customer's logo and requirements , we also provide our customers with professional design. Available in different thickness of paper/pvc: Coated Art Paper in 200g/300g/400g/700g/800g/1000g, Kraft Paper in 350g/700g, White Card Paper in 350g/700g/1000g, Black Card Paper in 350g/700g/1000g, PVC in 350g...

Specifications of Custom Thick Paper Hang Tag

Produc NameHang Tag, tag label, clothing tag ,hanging tag, tag label for garment, swing tickets, swing tag,paper clothing hang tags,printed paper clothing hang tags,custom printed paper clothing hang tags,
Material1,Coated Art Paper
2,Offset Paper
3, Kraft Paper
4, Duplex Paper
5, Black Paperboard
6, Cotton Paper
7, Ivory board
8, PVC
9, Fabric
10, Leather
Cord/string1,Nylon, 2,Cotton, 3,Hemp cord, 4,Elastic cord, 5,Wax cord, 6,Metal Ball Chain, etc
SizeCustom size, such as rectangle, Folded shape, roundness, triangle or special size
ColorPantone color or CMYK color
ThicknessAs per your request
ShapeShape cut or die cut
Post Press Techniques1, 3D UV Varnishing, Spot UV-Varnishing
2, Gloss/Matte Varnishing
3, Gloss/Matte Lamination
4, Emboss/Debossed
5, Hot Stamping (Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Black)
6, Sewing
Payment MethodT/T, PayPal, Western Union
Packaging100pcs/lots, 2000pcs each poly bag, in cartons
Artwork file formatWe accept Adobe Illustrator (ai), Corel Draw (cdr), eps, pdf, jpg, bmp and gif.
Turn aroundPayment confirmed 7-10 business days.
Shipping1) by courier  2) by sea  3) by air

Showcase of Custom Thick Paper Hang Tag

wholesale fashion custom private printed paper hang swing tag

Custom white swing hang tag for clothing

Hang/Swing Tags are a flexible marketing tool that ensures every customer gets all the information needed for the product purchased.

They can be designed in various ways:

Simply 1 page tags for product marking, printed in one colour only, text and some decorative lines. They are often used as name and address tags or simple, easy to understand product information tags

Very sophisticated, multi page tags, printed in up to four colours (offset), including pictures and detailed instructions; image making or image strengthening, a hole with or without an eyelet, stitches, different strings, different paper from crude, uncoated carton to coated art material for high quality printing of pictures.

Hang/Swing Tag Options:

One or Two Sides

Hole Drilled with/without metal eyelet

Straight Cut or Classic Cut Shape

Colour or Black and White Printing

Uncoated or Celloglazed

Hang/Swing tags can be used anywhere you can fasten a swing tag in order to be sure your message is delivered to your target audience