What Is The Harm Of Clothing Static Electricity To People

- Apr 17, 2018-

 In the winter, the air is too dry, static electricity is easily generated between the human skin and clothing, and the instantaneous high static voltage can reach tens of thousands of volts, causing human discomfort. Some people have investigated and measured the static electricity generated in daily life. Walking on the carpet can generate 1500 to 35,000 volts of static electricity. When walking on the vinyl ester floor, it can generate static electricity of 250 to 12,000 volts. The indoor buttocks will soon be on the chair. Generates more than 1800 volts of static electricity. The level of static electricity depends mainly on the humidity of the surrounding air. Usually the static interference exceeds 7000 volts, and people will feel the electric shock. Relevant data shows that static electricity is very harmful to the human body. Long-lasting static electricity can increase the alkalinity in the blood, decrease the calcium content in the serum, and increase the excretion of calcium in the urine. This is especially important for elderly children with very low serum calcium levels and calcium requirements. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are undoubtedly worse. Excessive static electricity accumulates in the human body. It also causes abnormal conduction of currents in the membranes of the brain's nerves, affecting the central nervous system, leading to alterations in blood pH and oxygen characteristics of the body, affecting the physiological balance of the body, and causing dizziness, headaches, irritability, and insomnia. Loss of appetite, mental fatigue and other symptoms. Static electricity can also interfere with human blood circulation, immunity and nervous system, affect the normal work of various organs (especially the heart), may cause abnormal heart rate and premature heart beats. In the winter, about one-third of cardiovascular disease occurs with static electricity. In flammable and explosive areas, human body can cause static electricity with static electricity.

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