What Is Brocade/Damsk?

- Dec 23, 2017-

 Brocade fabric is a heavy weft, by a group of warp and three wefts interwoven. The basic structure is: warp and weft interwoven into 8 satin, B, C latitude combination of 16 satin backing. In addition to interwoven with warp silk into satin, and can spend, B, C Latitude special flower, complement each other and set off. As the appearance of different color matching methods can show different color effects, the main color matching methods are: ① with color: A, B, C 3 weft color and warp the same, pure color; ② color with the law: the same as the meridian and warp , B, C weft with a different color, elegant and subtle tone; ③ three-color with law: A, B, C 3 weft with 1 color, steady and beautiful color; Color, C latitude for color change, hue between the color segments, lightness and mutual relations, to avoid a certain color Road in the fabric surface is too exposed. Brocade pattern and handling changeable.

 Brocade production process is complicated, there are dozens of warp preparation process, to be meridians silk, silk, and silk, complex twist setting, dyeing, silk, warping and so on and repeatedly twist and dyeing process, the wire into Both full buckle, tough, flexible strands. For example, silk brocade warp silk processing method is to be a (20 ~ 22D) mulberry silk per 10 cm plus 80 twist, and then the two combined reverse plus 60 twist. The density of 130 / cm. Weft preparation is also more complex than the average product, weft density up to 102 / cm.

 Antique satin is one of the varieties derived from the brocade, although it is also a weft 3 heavy fabric, but in the structure, style, great changes. If the 8 satin by the A, B combination of weft, C latitude 16 or 24 satin in the back of the junction, the texture is thinner than the brocade, but the structure is still tight.

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