What Does Metal Hanging Buckle Use For?

- Feb 27, 2018-

 Metal hanging buckle, usually as a series of denim clothing, jacket series, Bib series of clothing accessories, styles mix, there are separate uses in the clothing, such as the regulatory deduction, D-word deduction, pull the heart deduction. There are also supporting the use of other accessories. As in the cowboy series, the word deduction and hyacinth deduction matched use. Metal hanging buckle selection of materials are iron, copper, alloy three categories. Form of processing bent form, stamping, die-casting forming three categories. Its shape and size by the manufacturers design, formulation. Hanging name The factory does not have a uniform rule, generally based on the deduction of similar shape and function of the name. Such as various sizes of abalone buckle, square pulling heart deduction, the word deduction, the three-line pass deduction, D-word deduction, gourd deduction, cloth belt buckles, buckles, etc., are in accordance with such methods and named.

custom D shape metal buckle for jumpsuit and bag