The Production Processes Of Embroidery

- Jun 02, 2018-

 One of the most popular embroidery products people often need to complete a lot of processes to complete, then do you know these processes?

1. Production: (1) Finishing of raw materials, (2) Weaving, (3) Quality inspection.

2. Dyeing and Finishing: (1) Blanketing into the warehouse (2) Dyeing (3) Stereotypes

3. Packing: (1)Quantity quantity, generally code is the measurement standard (2)Quality inspection again (3) Embroidery lace fabrics are directly rolled, Embroidered laces are cut first and then rolled (4) Packing and shipping

 Embroidery production process: first use CAD software to make a plate. After the pattern is generated, the disc containing the embroidery program and pattern is put into the computer disk drive. Under the control of the program, the computer will change the coordinate value of the pattern into the frame X. The electric signal equivalent to the amount of displacement in the Y direction is sent to the X, Y, Z singles for motor speeding and processing, and the three-phase six-shot number is output. The power amplifier box of the line motor performs power amplification, and the red X, Y stepper motor , Drive the stretching frame to complete the feed movement between X and Y; At the same time, drive the Z stepping motor and move the needle up and down so that the embroidery can be continued continuously.

 Another stepping motor rotates through the drive mechanism of the drive mechanism such as a synchronous toothed belt. The specific mechanism of the head causes the lead mechanism and the needle to take the lead to make and move downwards, puncture the fabric, and the hook rotates in the hook mechanism. Let the noodle thread pass around the bottom bobbin; the thread take-up mechanism moves, convey the noodle thread, tighten the stitch, and prepare the noodle line segment of the next stitch. X, Y stepping motor drives the silk frame and fabric for plane motion through synchronous toothed belts and other mechanisms. Each stitch point to be embroidered on the fabric is sent to needle embroidery. The speed of the needle up and down movement is coordinated with the direction of movement of the stretch frame, the amount of movement and the speed of movement, so that the upper thread and the lower thread are stranded on the fabric. Make a double-threaded stitch. When you like to continue in succession, complete the embroidery of the pattern.

 The above is the entire production process of computer embroidery!

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