The Era Of Garment Accessories Is Coming

- Nov 24, 2017-

 "To identify the quality of a piece of clothing, in fact, can be seen from a small place, such as zipper, a lot of brand clothing are YKK zipper." We have been calling for the surface material determines the level of clothing quality, it seems has become an effective Facts in front of the business.

 Clothing is the improvement of consumer demand changes, consumers attach importance to clothing accessories, clothing companies should accordingly attach importance to the choice of accessories, not because accessories are clothing gadgets and ignore their impact on clothing. In the selection of accessories, to remind garment enterprises should pay attention to several aspects:

  1. Select the quality assurance accessories products.

Small excipients, once the quality of unqualified, implicated by the whole garment even - the entire apparel brand. There is a garment company, a group of children's knitted dresses exported to Japan were found in the spot checks, used in dress waist elastic belt formaldehyde content exceeded, resulting in the entire shipment was returned. Therefore, enterprises in the production before the first garment accessories for testing.

Dalian Dayang company executives introduced accessories easily out of quality problems, even with the same accessories production enterprises, the quality is not the same. They have encountered such a situation, the same manufacturer to produce a long one short two zipper, zipper no problem detection, testing short existence of quality problems, if put into production, will cause great losses to the enterprise. Dayang now spend more than 20 million per year in the test, despite the wide range of accessories, but also to test one by one to ensure the quality of clothing.

Apparel enterprises, especially import and export enterprises, to strengthen the capacity of self-test self-control, good source control. While doing a good job in the testing of the safety and health items of apparel fabrics, we must not neglect the excipients. We must carefully study the standards of importing countries and some brand clients to prevent them from being overstated. It is understood that many domestic brands and Dayang also attach importance to testing, in order to ensure the quality of the brand, spend a lot of money each year for testing.

 2. Do not ignore the fashion accessories.

Personality, characteristics, fashion designers most want to show the performance point, throughout the clothing design, they also stress the zipper, lace, buttons and other details of the fashion elements reflected by the fashion. Accessories based on the original function, more often been given the meaning of decoration. After meeting the most basic quality requirements, companies should pay attention to fashion accessories, including whether the unique style, the design is novel, whether the annual popular color and so on.

Armani, Zegna has been in the suit collar and placket at the use of very bright colors such as orange lining and color to the dull gray tone fabrics match, to highlight the suit features fashion products. Vivid lining has become fashionable expression.

In the trend of the formation of the metal fiber fabric, with the metal color buttons, lace, thread, belt and other products also appeared in the market, indicating that the accessories business is the pursuit of fashion and popular elements are the same.

Show is one of the best ways to understand the trend of accessories. In the accessories exhibition, you can see a lot of accessories exquisite workmanship, creative design, color fit popular, highlighting the fashion.

 3. Focus on high-tech new products.

People want more and more comfortable clothing, fit, environmental protection, which put forward higher requirements for accessories. Among them, the lining cloth products are of a representative type. Some new high-tech products and garment manufacturers should pay attention.

Water-soluble interlining. At present, the domestic water-soluble interlining generally needs 60 degree high temperature to be water-soluble, while the Nantong sea exchange accessory company water-soluble interlining can achieve water solubility at room temperature. Unlike traditional adhesive lining hard touch, this shirt washed soft touch to solve the problem of collar blistering. At present, the domestic shirt business, including large-scale brand men's business, the vast majority of the use is still normal adhesive lining, there is - even have not heard of water-soluble interlining.

 German horse elastic waist lining, do not have to connect the waist lining in order to achieve radian curvature, natural curvature, this can greatly save working hours. Special anti-radiation lining, which is patented horse products, this lining is mainly used in small sundial cloth suit, the cell phone radiation to form a barrier. This product is mainly used for some high-end clothing, the price is high.

 Japan Dongfang series of low-temperature interlining, mainly for leather fabrics, melted at low temperatures, the fabric fit on the fabric, will not be harmful to the cortex. There are also washable interlining, ordinary interlining water temperature of about 30 degrees, and this series of interlining in the water temperature of about 70 degrees are not deformed. Sand-resistant lining for denim clothing, so that clothing will not be deformed after sand washing, while the ordinary lining is easy to blister.


Excipients are small, but played a finishing touch role. Therefore, clothing enterprises, especially brand enterprises should attach importance to accessories. As an apparel material producer said in an interview: "Finicky, greedy consumers will not miss any one detail, so the era of apparel accessories has come."