Several Common Zipper Failure

- Feb 23, 2018-

Zipper is one of the most common clothing accessories, zipper failure will directly affect the use of clothing.

1. Opening and closing does not go well, if you pull the chain head, there will be a tooth occlusion failure. In this case, apply a wax or lubricant spray [FASTENERMATE] to the surface and the inside of the gear, and then slide the slider several times after sliding.

2. Things loaded too much when the bag on the zipper, zipper closure with the closure, the zipper too much force, will make the teeth out of the band. This zipper failure, can be serious. Pull the left and right teeth closer to make the chain easier to close the zipper.

3. When opening and closing the zipper, sometimes the chain head biting line or cloth and pull the pull does not move In this case, if you want to pull the slider, it will bite deeper, it should be on the one hand the slider backwards, One side and the fabric untied. When fully bite into, do not pull the slider vigorously, please slowly roll back the slider. There are stitches in the pull, please do not leave a hidden danger.

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