Pajamas Fabric Will Affect Sleep

- Feb 13, 2018-

 Everyday life, human skin can secrete and emit some chemicals, if you wear clothes when you sleep, it will certainly hinder the normal skin "breathe" and perspiration, clothing fabric compression and friction of the muscles will also affect the blood circulation, body Table heat will be reduced at night when we sleep even if we covered with a thick quilt, will feel cold.

Wear pajamas: linen pajamas sleep well

 After analyzing the sleep conditions of various pajamas and respondents, the researchers found that the pajamas of silk and cotton fabrics help to sleep while the linen pajamas affect people's sleep.

Experts point out: pajamas around the quality of people's sleep, especially sleeping position is an important factor. So, linen pajamas have any effect on sleep in the end?

 The autonomic nervous system of the person includes sympathetic nerves that allow the body to be active and parasympathetic nerves that rest the body. We let the respondents sleep in pajamas of silk and linen and measure the depth of sleep. As a result, the activity level of the parasympathetic nerve when wearing silk was twice as high as when wearing linen pajamas.

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