How To Buy Buttons?

- Jan 09, 2018-

Simple decorative fasteners

Simple decorative fasteners mainly decorative clothing fasteners. Such as metal plates, claw decoration buckle, brooch, pins and so on. Buttons on the metal plate with fasteners and tape at the same time, showing an ever-changing form, can be used for apparel decoration and high-end trade mark. The mode of stamping, die-casting, the material is iron, copper, alloys and so on. Claw decorative buckle generally independent use, that is fixed with claws directly on the need to decorate the clothing,

In order to achieve the desired decorative performance. Its shape and size by the manufacturers to design and develop their own,

Its processing form is usually made of metal strip by stamping. Abalone shell buttons Abalone shellfish is a treasure of aquatic shell, abalone shell is a good material to do buttons.

These buttons are characterized by buckling convex, twill filaments on the back, the color is mostly brown red, positive purple strongly, yellow-green rainbow pearl, thin and hard texture. Such buttons are mostly double-eye buckle and eye-catching buckle, used for thin texture clothing.

Nut buttons

Nut buttons in the button industry called plant imitation ivory buckle. Because the South American-made nuts cut, the color and texture of the section is very similar to ivory.

This button after proper polishing, shiny good. Due to the elegant texture of nuts and buttons, the quality of the buttons is higher than ordinary wood buttons,

But the price is higher. Nut buttons according to different parts, usually divided into two categories.

One is based on the epidermis derived from nuts, made of buttons with a brown pattern; the other is derived from the nut heart layer, made of buttons with a surface

Striped or concentric pattern, much like the shape of resin buttons flower, if not carefully identified, it is difficult to distinguish clearly.

Nut buttons can also be whitening, dyeing, multi-processing into bright eye buckle. Because the nut button material for planting

Physical fiber, so it can absorb water swelling, and the expansion is obvious, when used need to be noted.

Lettering buttons

Early lettering buttons and more use of mechanical lettering approach, the engraving of the writing and pattern definition has been greatly limited, especially in engraving those very fine fonts or patterns, the less sharp. This problem has been solved since the automatic laser lettering system was developed in the early 1990s. Automatic laser lettering system is used in computer-scan drawing, no matter how complex patterns can be easily engraved on the buttons. At the same time for laser engraving laser beam can be fine to a few millimeters, so even very fine handwriting or strokes can be clearly carved out. In the world of apparel, there are often many manufacturers that require the engraving of their own company logos, logos, logos or other pictorial symbols.

Therefore, the application of laser engraving technology is more and more widely used, which reflects to a certain extent the development trend of the button industry in a period of time in the future.

Several major types of resin buttons

1, magnetic buttons

Buttons for a single white, no pattern, but can be made into a variety of shapes.

2, flat pearl buttons

Product features pearl brightness buttons in the whole face are the same, like a mirror, bright color, appearance and pearl plexiglass buttons is difficult to distinguish.

Most of the pearl buttons are used for shirt buckles.

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