History Of Denim

- Jan 04, 2018-

 Denim clothing because of cloth thick texture, darker colors, wear durable, is engaged in manual labor is most suitable for a tooling. Due to the development of the times, denim clothing has been developed from a single color to the present made after the garment after washing process, so that it feels soft, special color, style and casual casual jeans handsome. Denim clothing styles change, there is fit, there are loose clothing and other clothing accessory is extremely beautiful and comfortable, is the most popular international market, a clothing. The current denim clothing has formed a series of fashion. In the fabric there are breakthroughs, in addition to cotton and elastic (spandex), cotton, polyester-cotton, silk, artificial cotton, etc .; in the production process, in addition to twill, there are plain, Mochu, slub yarn, Jacquard, etc .; in color, in addition to indigo, there are black, printing, variegated and so on.

Leather Label for jeans

Leather Label for denim