From Gucci To Celine, Shoes Business More Profitable

- Nov 26, 2017-

 In 1839, Charles Goodyear, an American, invented vulcanized rubber. By the mid-1870s, rubber soles were widely used, and shoes were born. By the 1990s, the skateboarding culture on the east coast of the United States thrived and several then popular skateboarding brands and skateboarding styles were born. Later, with Michael Jordan coming back basketball court, sneaker culture began to take shape.

metal label, woven label, leather label for shoes

 Do you remember Celine's 2014 show? When designers Phoebe Philo put their models put on Adidas's Stan Smith "white shoes" to match the minimalist and elegant women's wear, the shoes became overnight the most stylish mix and match the world's most fashionable configuration.

 Different from the tide shops and sports brand flagship store owner of the "covered goods category more," private shoe store is also a specialized selling sneaker independent format. Indicator shoes tide shop, but also represents the region's young people's consumption vitality and trend index.

Shoes culture

 Last time we talked about "queuing culture", brand fans gathered automatically under the attraction of tide brand. In contrast, the trend is no longer just followers of the street or fans, shoes, a wider range of consumer groups. Unlike the past, the explosive reds that we have seen are based on the development of Internet information technology. This trend is no longer a preferential access for minorities and cities, and there are no specific labels for the buying population. Look at those young people standing in line at the shoe shop door all night know that this business, well done.