Different Leathers Have Different Features

- Jan 07, 2018-

 Leather, cow leather, sheep leather characteristics and identification methods: cowhide surface fine, high strength, most suitable for the production of leather shoes; sheep leather light, thin and soft, is the ideal fabric for leather garments; Pig leather breathable water vapor permeability, More suitable for making underwear and children's products; horse leather fiber structure is more compact, high strength, for the production of leather pants and leather boots better. In general, the thickness of the leather surface pores, density and distribution of leather, pig leather, leather and sheep leather is the main basis for the distinction.


Magha: leather surface pores oval, slightly larger than the yellow leather pores, arranged more regularly.

Sheep leather: leather grain surface flat oval, clear pores, composed of a few groups arranged in fish scales.

Pig leather: leather surface pores round and thick, more oblique into the leather. Pores arranged in a group of three, leather surface showing many small triangle pattern.

Cow leather: Cow leather and buffalo leather are called cow leather, but there are some differences between the two. Cattle leather surface pores, straight into the leather into the pores close and uniform, arranged irregular, as if the starry. Buffalo leather surface than the yellow cowhide leather pores, the number of pores less yellow cattle leather, leather more slack, not as good as yellow leather fullness plump.

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