Clothing Accessories, From Practical To Fashion

- Dec 06, 2017-

 Early buttons in the clothing only play the role of connection, and now the buttons, 30% from the connection function, 70% assume the role of decoration. For example, in the design details of the tops such as cuffs, chest, neckline, pockets, waist and trousers pockets, designers often use the buttons of different suit varieties to play the finishing touch. A commonplace, often because of a few button ingenious embellishment, suddenly appear different.

 Even those who originally had the most practical accessories products, today also began to take on some decorative role. Such as Armani, Zegna's suit products, fashion decoration has become a very prominent feature of them. Among them, one of the most prominent performance means is the collar and placket, the use of very bright colors lining, such as the orange and the color of relatively dull gray tone fabric match, it played a striking decorative and decorative effect.

 So now, the garment factory in the procurement of various types of clothing accessories, not only value the quality of products, more emphasis is the excipient product design elements are in line with the needs of fashion designers in the eyes of the fashion designer clothing accessories Perhaps to be the finishing touches of their work. Garment factory buyers or apparel designers need to go to the market / customer where to find the most suitable "little accessories."

 In fact, in the category of accessories, the appearance of metal fastener, thread belt, lace, etc., takes on quite important decorative functions and adds a lot of elements to the design originally not available. Moreover, judging from the current development trend, the accessories will continue to be emphasized and expressed for the decorative effect. And environmental protection functions, health care functions, flame retardant function, the flash function of crystal materials, and how to make rational use of ergonomics will be the trend and trend of the future development of accessories. With the continuous development of the entire industry, in addition to practicality and decorative two major functions, accessories will also assume more and more responsibilities of health, safety and environmental protection.

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