Why add a wash label? what's the effect?

- Oct 12, 2020-

 The wash label will indicate the fabric composition of the clothes and the correct washing method: the wash label is usually added in the back collar, under or beside the main label in the back waist, or at the side seam position. Our main considerations when choosing the material of the wash mark trademark:

1. The material of the washing water mark will not be allergic to human skin and will not irritate the skin.

2. The printing can be clear,

3. It can be washed without fading.

Generally, the commonly used washing water mark materials are: ribbon, tape, cotton tape, polyester tape, satin ribbon, etc.

1. Washing water mark label usually can choose two kinds of tape type material and ribbon type material. Both materials can be printed clearly with ribbon, but only the tape type washing water mark and the special resin ribbon for washing water mark can be printed out. The content can withstand repeated washing without fading. This tape-type washing water label is the most widely used, a bit white like paper.

2. Ribbon-type washing water mark materials can also be printed clearly, but they are not resistant to repeated washing. You can use dry-cleaned clothing materials such as down jackets, or the marks of handbags and bags. Ribbons are usually softer than tape. Huancai accessories are summarized based on years of experience in trademark washing water: ribbons (economical and affordable, can achieve the best washing effect), tape (tape is also called plant coated cloth, the surface is slippery, so the printing effect is the best, but not as good as ribbons. Washable), cotton belt (natural environmental protection), polyester belt (smooth fabric, good printing effect, washable).