What is the general size of the water mark?

- Oct 30, 2017-

Water Mark is one of the essential components of clothing, luggage, shoes and so on, in the purchase of clothes in the clothes can see the car has a trademark water mark. Wash the water standard we are more common, we wear clothes, some sewing in the lead, and some in the clothes, a small piece of things, marked with clothes brand, manufacturers, clothes, ingredients or some washing methods, etc. information.

Trademark water mark

Then we are generally in the production of water Mark, the commonly used washing the size of what? New Cheung Lee accessories 23 years focus on water Mark custom production experience Summary:

The size of the commonly used size is: 2 * 5CM, 1.5 * 5CM, 3 * 5CM, 2 * 10CM, 1.5 * 10CM, the size is generally not very large, of course, according to customer requirements from the definition of its size, different brands And the product of the water-Mark requirements are not the same.