What do you need to pay attention to?

- Oct 30, 2017-

First, to understand the knowledge of clothing accessories fabric. Different fabric performance, texture, the price varies, such as to know a little fabric knowledge, both according to their own needs to choose the appropriate fabric clothing, but also to prevent illegal vendors shoddy, to fake deceptive behavior, to avoid fooled.

Second, to view the workmanship. To see if the pin is fine; ironing is flat; collar, cuff pocket is symmetrical; sleeves, trousers length is thin and so consistent.

Weaving mark trademark

Third, to check the clothing accessories trademark: weaving Mark trademarks, clothing tag, hanging tablets, washing water Mark and other accessories technology. A high-end clothing is often equipped with the above clothing accessories, clothing accessories design must be consistent with the style of clothing, clothing accessories, although in the clothes can play a different effect. The quality of clothing accessories affect the value and grade of clothing. Formal clothing labels should be logo logo, specifications, model, factory name, site and so on.

Fourth, to check the specifications. Buy clothes for their own best try to look for someone else to buy clothing to be in advance by a good amount of good size of the size of the selection, estimated by the eye is often wrong.

Five, to ask the price, you can also check the price of clothing tag, the current clothing price is not uniform is normal, even the same fabric, the same specifications of clothing in different stores will appear different prices, the best purchase Can run a few more shops to see, shop around, preferred selection.