What are the common ribbons for gifts?

- Dec 19, 2017-

Ribbon ribbon gift nylon

 Nylon ribbons more widely used, first of all, it can be used as a ribbon bow ornaments, decorative lady's shirts, skirts, cuffs, ladies lingerie ribbon satin and so on. We often see the ribbon to black nylon ribbon, pink nylon ribbon, white nylon ribbon mainly play.

Ribbon gift silk screen ribbons

 Why is here referred to the silk screen ribbon it, mainly it is used in headdress more extensive (and is a favorite of girls), long tail, followed by a 20cm long dot printing Ribbon, small fresh full of it. Big ribbon butterfly hairpin caught in the mushroom head, is not more kawaii it.

Ribbon gift of polyester ribbon

 Polyester ribbon is not as good as nylon ribbon as a ribbon gift so brilliant; polyester bleak color, but the advantage is calm, not the hustle and bustle; so polyester ribbon especially 10 points, 12 points, 16 points wide specifications polyester ribbon As a ribbon gift, what we often see in our daily life is the ribbons that are displayed in different colors before the wedding ceremony, the decoration of the wedding, the layout of the scene, the big ribbon under the bridal bouquet; the ribbon decoration in the gift box; , You can enhance the aesthetic beauty of the whole, soft and unobtrusive; that's why polyester ribbons will outshine others.

 In addition there are many aspects of ribbon gifts, in recent years, people are not concerned about the gift of the innermost, mostly gift wrapping, a beautiful ribbon gift wrap carton, its market value must be better than without any processing and decoration Gift box expensive several times. External beauty has become the dominant advantage; so after the ribbon gift packaging, whether it is to give as gifts, or for decoration, are a good choice.

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