Viscose Out Of Cotton But Better Than cotton?

- Feb 07, 2018-

 Viscose fiber with the nature of cotton, silk quality is authentic ecological fiber, derived from natural and better than natural. Viscose fiber is the use of cotton linter and other raw materials as optimized processing, viscose fiber more pure nature than cotton. Viscose fiber content of more than 99.5%, while the cotton fiber in the 95--97%; viscose fat and wax accounted for 0.2--0.3%, cotton fiber accounted for 0.5--0.6%; Viscose fiber containing no chlorine , Cotton fibers containing 1 - 1 .1% of the chlorine; viscose fiber pectin and polysaccharides, and cotton fibers containing 1.2%; viscose other ash content of trace amounts of cotton fiber ash content of up to 1.14%. Viscose fiber is resistant to sunlight, insects and insects, heat-resistant, chemical-resistant, resistance to melting agents, mold, in the main textile fibers, its excellent performance is more comprehensive.

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