The Role And Requirements Of Hang Tag

- Dec 20, 2017-

 Hang tags in our daily life can be seen everywhere, and now we come to understand the role and requirements of the hang tag!

 The role of hang tag: 1, hang tag as a certificate, mark the product name, implementation standards, item number, composition, grade, inspection number and so on. 2, the tag can advertise the business, printing business name, logo, brand, address, phone, tag as a corporate advertising promotion.

 The requirements of hang tag: First, the hang tag is simple and unique, with a long bar, round, triangular, folding, bag-type and other special shape, tag colorful, tag an array of items. Second, the tag from the texture point of view, tag production materials are mostly paper, but also plastic, metal, rubber, leather, wood ... ... In recent years, the tag also appeared with holographic anti-counterfeiting materials made of new tag. In order to reflect the excellent texture of the brand clothing, different, the choice of tag material is also very elegant, such as the use of credit card materials, tag after a special process of processing of wood paper. Again, the tag from the process point of view, using the same credit card, VIP card production process, beautifully printed, high-end workmanship, pay attention. 

 Finally, from the color point of view, the color of the tag is consistent with the overall color of the garment, and the tag shows the taste and style of the garment. Therefore, the brand value of clothing tag is a combination of design and printing.

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