The Characteristics of Microfiber Leather

- Feb 26, 2018-

Microfiber leather has the following characteristics:

1, folding fastness and natural leather comparable. Bending at room temperature to 200,000 times without cracks Low temperature (-20 ℃) Bending 30000 times without cracks (temperature resistance, good mechanical).

2, moderate elongation (leather feel good).

3, higher tear strength and peel strength (wear resistance, tearing force, high tensile strength).

4, from production to use will not have any pollution, environmental protection and superior performance.

Microfiber skin looks most like leather, the thickness uniformity of its products, tear strength, color and leather surface utilization is also superior to natural leather, has become the direction of the development of contemporary synthetic leather. Microfiber skin surface if dirty, high-grade gasoline or water scrub, must not be scrubbed with other organic solvents or alkaline substances to prevent damage to quality. Microfiber leather Conditions of Use: Heat setting temperature of not more than 25 minutes at 100 ℃, not more than 10 minutes at 120 ℃, not more than 5 minutes at 130 ℃.

Custom Microfiber Suede Leather Labels