Small buttons, a lot of processes

- Jan 28, 2018-

 Although many of today's clothes do not use buttons, the buttons are an integral part of regular clothing. This shows that a button can also play a huge role. So, do you know the buttons of the production process? Different buttons related to the process is also different, let's look at the metal buttons and alloy buttons related processes, so you feel how the button was born.

 Metal buttons: open size mold (existing mold repair mold) - open button mold (shape) / flower mold (LOGO / pattern, etc.) - test mode, a small sample - - Plating - Other Processing (Grease / Laser / Screen Printing Etc.) - Inspection / Testing - Packaging and Delivery.

 Alloy Buttons: Drawings - Bronze Engraving - EDM - Bulk Mold - Test Mold - Blank - Polishing / Hand Polishing - Plating - Other Processing (Grease / Laser / Silk screen, etc.) - Inspection / Testing - Packaging and delivery.

 This shows that a small button is also need a variety of processes to see the finished product.

Custom Metal Tack Button For Jeans