Protect the Earth - solid wood hangers

- Mar 02, 2018-

Protect the earth, waste utilization, solid wood hangers can be recycled wooden seat.

As the name suggests, solid wood hangers are made of trees, and then wait until the hanger can not be reused when the how to do?

Is it just throw it directly? I think it is wrong!

It is certainly not a waste of indiscriminate resources to protect our earth now! Trees are also a long time to grow so tall!

Therefore, when the solid wood hanger is useless, we should recycle and utilize it. The wood type is used to make the wooden hanger or the stool, and the nails on the wooden hanger can be recycled and used to make cans and the like!

Are woody things that can be recycled! Not only wood racks, wooden racks or any other woody things can be recycled!

Even plastic hangers can be recycled! This can also reduce the white pollution!

So that we can contribute more to the Earth.

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