How to choose the correct apparel lining?

- Jan 13, 2018-

 Interlining cloth is mainly used for clothing collar, cuffs, clothes and suits chest and other parts, few are used for bags, purses and so on. Interlining generally contain hot-melt adhesive coating, commonly known as adhesive lining. A lot of peers are based on the end of the different cloth, the adhesive lining is divided into woven and non-woven lining lining. Woven substrate cloth is woven or knitted fabric, while the non-woven fabric backing is made of chemical fiber suppression.

1. lining material should be matched with the performance of fabric. The birth of a garment includes many processes, so in the beginning of fashion design, designers will often require fine to a specific part of the lining of the specific requirements will also be specifically listed a list, under normal circumstances designers will from Lining color, unit weight, thickness, drape and so on to consider. Such as flannel and other heavy fabrics should use thick lining material, while the silk fabrics and other thin fabrics with soft silk lining, knitted fabrics use elastic knitted (warp) interlining cloth; pale fabric padding color depth should not; polyester Fabric should not use cotton lining and so on.

2. The lining should match the function of different parts of the garment. Clothing in the beginning of the design in addition to considering some of the fashion elements, more is to consider the comfort of clothing, and lining with the appropriate clothing or not directly related to the best-selling clothing or not. Under normal circumstances, more stiff linings for the collar and waist and other parts, there are some unsurpassed designers will be appropriate in some clothing sewing position filled with some lining material, in order to highlight the style of clothing, especially Those who enjoy the world's big designers, this one after another endless, tired of trying unhappy. While the jacket's chest lining is thicker lining, this time the role of lining material is fully reflected, and some skinny people are usually the first time to consider the purchase of those chest lining enough substantial coat to "increase" their own Bust; and feel very flat gowns are generally used in the waist of the skirts and clothing cuffs, so comfortable and full of beautiful lines, these linings are more popular with those who love to show the figure of ladies welcome; other such as stiff and rich Elastic lining should be used for neat and round shape. This type of lining for more formal dress.

3. lining material need to match the service life of clothing. Small part can not decide most of the fate, but often affect a small part of most of the fate of the pattern. The whole clothing and lining material is the same reason. Washable garments should choose washable lining material, colleagues should take into account the stability of the lining of the washing and ironing size; pad shoulder pad lining materials should consider the use of conformal ability, the goal is to ensure lining lining in the clothing life During the deformation.

4. lining should be linked with the garment production equipment. Different lining to use different production equipment, which is required professional and supporting processing equipment, which will help give full play to the auxiliary material cushioning characteristics. Therefore, the choice of materials in the production of lining materials, in advance with the bonding and processing equipment operating parameters, targeted selective, so you can play a multiplier effect.

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