Clothing logo - the symbol of brand

- Dec 14, 2017-

 A reputation of a clothing brand reputation at any time decide on a consumer choice of clothing, so the logo has now developed into a sustainable development of enterprises. More and more enterprises to increase the investment on the logo, the purpose is to create a clothing brand, but also become a business and consumers to connect the spiritual bond. Especially in today's highly competitive market environment, a successful business brand clothing strategy will be the crowning victory.

 Many different logo, probably as follows: Trademarks. Popular saying is cloth standard, weaving mark. Mostly used for collar and other decorations. Tag. Also known as licensing Aberdeen, playing cards. Its main function is to describe the characteristics of clothing brands and costumes. Plastic chapter. Dispense of the orthodox. Chest and other places common. PVC chapter. Generally made of plastic, plastic benefits are free to change the image, flexible. Reflective chapter and reflective materials. The main feature is intense reflection, is a rare decorative materials.

 Three-dimensional chapter. Was a reflective three-dimensional lattice pattern, to go through eight special printing presses, the production process is more complicated. Hanging tablets, said the bell. Common in high-grade suits, fashion. Ribbon, a Taiwan Mu shuttle woven belt, reflective webbing, clothing tag like a clothing ID card, they tell consumer clothing components, implementation standards, factory name and other information, however, is such a small tag every year due to false content caused Dozens of consumer complaints. Nylon, cotton and other people with words.

 The original intention of the establishment of the logo is to prevent people in the purchase of apparel, the clothing brand clothing and other apparel brand clothing confusion and design of a difference symbol. And now with the business in the clothing culture, clothing identification is no longer just for the difference, more is taking into account the cultural connotation of the enterprise spread to people. Therefore, to a large extent, apparel logo has become an expression of intangible assets, which is the essence of a clothing brand culture.

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