Classification of Non-woven Bag

- Dec 16, 2017-

Classification of Non-woven Bag

1, advertising-type advertising bags

Shopping bag advertising can take advantage of the limited area of the bag to spread the market information of the enterprise or product service to the world. When customers carry shopping bags printed with store advertisements, walking through the streets and alleys, they are actually some beautiful advertisement bags, which are no less expensive than making a good advertising signboard.

2, knowledge-based advertising bags

It is all kinds of patterns with certain knowledge, text, such as world famous paintings, Chinese calligraphy, printed on the shopping bag. Such shopping bags, not only to consumers when carrying items provides convenience, but also cultivate people's sentiments, people have a wonderful psychological experience.

3, gift-type advertising bag

China is a state of ceremonies, holidays, happy birthday, people always want to bring gifts "to move around" to contact feelings, contrast atmosphere. When guests put the gift in the shopping bag with the words "wish you longevity", "wish you happy" and other words, the owner felt not only a gift, but also another taste in my heart.

4, commemorative advertising bags

Such as × × Festival Memorial, souvenir bags and so on. This strategy caters to people's memorial psychology and honor psychology, so that people in the shopping, there are some new feelings.

5, simple advertising bag

When customers buy miscellaneous things, you need a simple shopping bag dress, if the store can provide one, solution to the worries, will be welcomed by consumers. Give people convenience, itself is an important part of sales promotion.

6, time-based advertising bags

Now people generally pursue a high standard of lifestyle, fashionable goods, consumer spending moment. When the community appeared "hot", if the store to product design, promotional information printed on the beautiful shopping bags, is undoubtedly an important promotional move. When consumers see a hot shop selling a product, it also produced a "temptation to stop."

7, antique advertising bag

Many traditional well-known merchandise, due to the use of materials stress, making the road, long history and much consumers. If the shopping bag printed with simple and elegant patterns and text, giving a noble and solemn feeling, presumably also cause some consumers shopping fun.

Non Woven Bag

Non Woven Bag

Non Woven Bag